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2014大華府地區 數位導覽 友誼競賽

大華府地區數位導覽競賽 報名表

2014大華府地區 數位導覽 友誼競賽



主辦單位 Organizers

華府華文網路師資 ChineseNESTA (Chinese Network Educational Seed Teachers' Association)

美東中文學校協會第五區 ACS (Association of Chinese Schools) R5

輔導單位 Counseling Office

華府華僑文教服務中心 CCTECRO (Culture Center of TECRO), 901 Wind River Rd., Gaithersburg, MD 20878

競賽宗旨 Competition purposes

中國漢字是世界上歷史最悠久的文字之一, 壽命最長, 至今仍在使用。漢字是由圖畫發展起來的象形文字,以象形文字為基礎,用一種獨創的方法把音行義結合起來,成為一種不但豐富多彩的文字體系而且是唯一可成為藝術品的文字。為了提供海外學習中文的學生對中國文字深入認識的機會,特舉辦「中國文字之美數位導覽」友誼比賽, 期使學子們能由認識中國文字起源、演變、結構、發展過程, 或相關文字典故等, 增強學習中文興趣, 並提昇對中國文字藝術價值的認同.

The Chinese language is one of the oldest languages in the world that is still in use today. It was first created by drawing hieroglyphs representing the word it was meant to symbolize, and then became more sophisticated as words became combinations of how to pronounce the word and its meaning. The writing system is also the only language which can be considered art in the world. The purpose of the Chinese Word Beauty of Digital Navigation Competition is to provide overseas students who are studying Chinese in the Washington DC Metropolitan area the opportunity to understand Chinese characters more in depth. We expect students’ interest in learning Chinese will increase, and they will learn to recognize the artistic value of the Chinese characters by understanding Chinese characters origin, evolution, structure, development, and related text allusions, etc. through this experience.

獎勵辦法 Awards


1. 第一名隊伍頒發獎金200元,參賽同學獎狀各一張。

2. 第二名隊伍頒發獎金150元,參賽同學獎狀各一張。

3. 第三名隊伍頒發獎金100元,參賽同學獎狀各一張。

4. 最佳人氣獎獲頒獎金60元,由現場觀眾一人一票投票選出。


Results will be published on the same day after the event and award ceremony was held. Incentives for the top three teams are as follows:

1. The first team prize awarded $200 USD and a certificate per participating student.

2. The second team prize awarded $150 USD and a certificate per participating student.

3. The third contingent of $100 prizes awarded and a certificate per participating student.

4. Audiences are allowed to vote for a “Most Popular” team. Winning team shall receive prize award $60 USD,

All contestants apart from the top three entries will receive a "superior performance" awards.

比賽規則 Competition Rules

1. 比賽時間:20141213日(週六)2:00~5:00

1:30~2:00 準備,測試電腦、麥克風及投影

1:45 參賽隊伍報到

2:00 比賽準時開始

2. 比賽地點:華府華僑文教服務中心, 901 Wind River Rd. Gaithersburg, MD 20878

3. 比賽辦法:

(1) 所有比賽隊伍各準備10分鐘的導覽節目,內容自選,但必需符合主題






(2) 比賽內容參考:內容以介紹中國文字起源、演變、結構、發展過程, 或相關文字典故等, 以期展現出中國文字之美.

(3) 比賽語言:中文。除專有名詞外,其他非中文的書面或口語出現均由評審酌予扣分。

(4) 以數位方式呈現,每位隊員均須展現中文導覽能力。

(5) 比賽評分標準為:導覽內容25%,導覽表達能力40%,投影片表現25%,完整性10%。各隊位隊員的導覽表達能力各佔1/220%)。

4. 採團隊合作競賽方式,每隊2人,代表中文學校、主流學校或地方區域、或個別隊伍均可報名. 例「維華中文學校隊」、「伍頓高中隊」或「洛克維爾市隊」等,唯隊名不得重覆。每位參賽者僅能代表一隊參賽。

5. 參賽資格:現為中學在籍學生(含高中及初中),並限目前於美國地區連續居住達二年(含)上;主辦單位有權要求檢視相關證明。

6. 主辦單位提供電腦、投影、麥克風等相關設備,參賽者須遵照賽場規定,不得擅自使用或破壞設備。參賽隊伍亦可自備設備,請於賽前預備時間內進行測試。

7. 評分依據:評審評分,由主辦單位邀請具備中華文史學養及中文數位教學經驗之人士擔任。比賽為公開進行,歡迎非參賽者安靜觀賞,比賽過程不進行問答。總結決定名次,公開講解評分程序及展示,閉幕典禮公布名次與頒獎。

8. 所有參賽隊伍團體合照並發出新聞稿。宏觀電視報導及cctecro YouTube 上載。

1.  Day/Time: 2014 12 13 (周六) 2:00 ~ 5:00

1:30 PM ~ 2:00 PM Preparing for computers, microphones, and projectors testing.

1:45 PM Teams Registration.

2:00 PM Competition begins.

2.  Venue:  TECRO Culture Center:  901 Wind River Rd. Gaithersburg, MD 20878

3.  Regulations:

(1) Each team has 10 minute presentation. Theme is determined by the team.

1 point will be deducted per minute either in 10 minutes or more than 12 minutes.

Bell rings once at 10 minutes.

Bell rings twice to remind at 11 minutes.

Bell rings three times as reminder at 12 minutes,

Presentation shall be aborted at the 14 minute promptly

(2) Contest Reference: Participants will present the beauty of the Chinese characters through the origin, evolution, structure, development, or related text allusions, etc.

(3) Competition Language: Chinese. One point will be deducted from the final score if non-Chinese characters used in written material or oral presentation except for proper nouns.

(4) Power point slide show or other multimedia presentation required, each member shall demonstrate ability to speak the Chinese language.

(5) Scoring: Touring content 25%, navigation skill 40%, the slide show 25%, completion 10%. Score of Navigation skill for each contestant will be half of 40%.

4.  Limit of team registration: 2 contestants per team, Team can be names “Chinese schools”, “mainstream schools” or “Region or Area” such as,  "Wei-Hwa Team", "Li-Ming Team", "Wottoon High School Team" or "Rockville team" and so on. Team name should not be duplicated. A contestant can only participate once.

5.   Contestant Eligibility:  Contestants should be currently enrolled students of school (including mid/high school), and are required to attend two (or more) consecutive school years. All contestants should be limited of continuous residence in the U.S. over two years or more. Our organizer reserves the right to request a viewing of relevant documents.

6.   All equipment will be available for contestants to practice prior to the contest.

7.   There should be at least four judges or equal representation from the area composing of Chinese language professionals and one timer.Competition is open to the public. There are no questions asked during contest. Final results and prize awards will be announced at the award ceremony right after the competition. There will be critics provided for each team.

8. Group shots and news will be posted on Macro-TV and be uploaded on chineseNESTA YouTube.


1. 每隊報名費 $40,支票抬頭請寫 ChineseNESTA

2. 報名截止日期:20141205日(週五),以郵戳為憑,逾期不受理。

1. Registration fee:   $ 40 per team.    Check payable to ChineseNESTA

2. Registration deadline:  121/05/2014 (Friday).

報名地址 Registration Address

Ms. Ling Tang, 404 Upham Pl. NW, Vienna VA 22180

大華府地區數位導覽競賽 報名表